Business Consulting

We create a mutually beneficial arrangement to dramatically increase your company’s customers, sales, profits and bring stable, predictable and consistent growth through scientific business systems.

Entrepreneurship Development Solution

  • Upgrade their behavioral skills by training
  • Support them with Coaching / Counseling where necessary
  • Use Situational Leadership approach when dealing with them
  • Understand your own style of leadership & leadership response effectiveness using Situational Leadership
  • Create your individual Leadership Kundali
  • Implement your Action Plan

Sustainable engagement is an experience not an event!

  • Celebrating Rewards & Recognition in style (once a quarter) for eg . With family or team bonding activity or theme party or all hands meet
  • Creating Clubs and organizing Inter organization events- Sports , Cultural (music, dance ,theatre , band etc)
  • Organizing Wellness initiatives – Health camps and yoga , meditation classes in the office
  • Fun Weekend – 2 hour on floor interventions , daily energisers etc
  • Innovative Appreciation and Motivation forums outside work area to create a higher bond

Automobile Dealership Performance Solution

  • Responsibility to study the existing market & design launch strategy.
  • Recruit and train employees
  • Set up complete dealership operations
  • Interface with Manufacturers
  • Operate dealership for 6 months to 1 year, gradually transitioning the work to Dealer Principal/Business Head using executive coaching
  • Study the existing operations to identify areas of improvement in dealership
  • Business development focus
  • Market penetration
  • Monitoring sales & processes
  • Customer Relationships / CSI
  • Team skills and attitude
  • Recommending suitable solutions
  • Executing the solutions over 6 months
  • Identify 3 Smart Goals
  • Create Strategies for each goal
  • Implement action plans for each strategy
  • Coaching spread over 3 to 6 months
  • 1 hour sessions via F2F, Skype or call
  • Completion report submitted to measure effectiveness of the coaching intervention


As a direct result of our association with the Quantum Organization we have been introduced to an entirely new distribution system for our products and have seen immediate results with 5 new installations throughout the UK.

Alan Bridge, Airtan

Within 3 weeks of being introduced to Quantum we saw our sales increase by an impressive £120,850.00 for the month of July alone. We look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship.

Sean Higgins, Gerald James Limited

We have seen tangible results with systems coming together and an improvement in staff morale.

Paul Papworth-Smith, PPS Chartered Accountants

Quantum has helped us to make significant advances that would have taken us years instead of weeks. The business is running extremely well at the moment and with the advancements in customer service we have improved our customer retention from 46% to 94%!!!!! This is absolutely amazing.

With the seasonality the business has to endure we would normally be at an extremely quiet point in the year but instead, turnover is increasing and we haven’t suffered the usual dip.In a word it’s FANTASTIC!

Martin Ibbotson, Angelo’s Takeaway

Abacus Express Couriers had most of its business with one client. Today with Quantum’s help, strategies and ideas our clientele has increased by 20 fold in the last 6 weeks and is still growing very fast, the work environment is much happier… Abacus Express Couriers are extremely satisfied with the strategies and more importantly so are our new and profound customers

Bill Gascoyne, Abacus Express Courier

You’ve transformed our business!  When we sat down in June this year and set ambitious sales and profit targets (e.g. an extra £10,000 sales per month within 6 months) I would have said then that it was nearly impossible to achieve them in less time. However, here we are after less than three months and we have achieved over double the expected levels of sales and profit! That’s more than double the target in less than half the time…
With your assistance we now have a product so desirable people quite literally send money to us through the post after just one telephone conversation… But you know what the best part is… I’m having fun.

Sunil Jaiswal, JamServo Limited

Our attitude has changed in terms of focus… The response to our marketing has increased phenomenally. As a result we have attracted 10 new fee paying clients, which in our business of graphic design, is very significant indeed.

Peter Banks, EM5 Limited

Since working with Quantum, the advice and help I have received has helped me focus on what is important for the business and has helped me to develop a more profitable business.  New business has increased and existing clients have all reported improvements in the service we offer.

Graham Molyneux, BMRK Solutions

This is not your normal run of a mill consultancy and strategies, this is fantastic. I was marketing a new product and was not sure how to… The Quantum Organization showed me how… My business success is enough to prove that the strategies really do work.

Richard Aryes, August Consultancy Solutions Limited

We have landed one of our biggest contracts since introducing some of the things we have learned.

Ian Cattermole, Z Cars