A boutique 16 year old L&D Organization driven by the passion to make organizations and individuals succeed.

We work with select clients for holistic end to end performance enhancement solutions spread over 3 to 12 months in areas of Leadership, Managerial & Personal Effectiveness and Sales Growth.

Our coaching solutions framework helps individuals reach their full potential in their professional and personal lives.

We use multiple models and tools to help them think through and solve their critical challenges & resolve dilemmas.

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We engage with clients to dramatically enhance their individual and team performance using proven neuroscience based framework.
Our framework is:
Neuroscience-based - A quantifiable neuro-scientific foundation that underpins all coaching initiatives and content
Process-focused - Codified practices for all interventions, including coaching, training and facilitation allows for scalable solutions.
Outcome-driven - Defined objectives, measurement culture and scalable solutions.

Help define client goals using deep mind-mining, refining, defining and shining.

Discover challenges that clients are facing, and opportunities they might be missing.

Uncover and overcome hidden blocks that may be sabotaging desired results.

Create Strategies for each goal

Implement strategies by developing action plans with timelines & milestones.

Make you feel renewed, re-energized and inspired to maximize your potential.

  • 7 years of coaching over 200 clients for 3000+ hours
  • Accredited coach from ICF, USA
  • Certified Fellow Coach by BetterUp Coaching, USA
  • Certified Coach by Neuro Leadership Group, USA
  • Certified Business Consultant, Quantum, U.K.
  • CEO, President & Director for 6 companies

GHCL, LNJ Bhilwara, Mitsubishi Electric, Ericsson, Salesforce, Deloitte, Intuit, RGP India, TEK Systems etc.


Our unique model (TraC) integrates Corporate Training & Executive Coaching to deliver long term impact for organizations and individuals. The biggest pain in corporate L&D is that there is no measurable improvement in training effectiveness. However there is less application of the learnings from training. Our Training Effectiveness comes from rigorous followup post training, using a learning pathway of frequent touch points, projects to implement learning & coaching.
Core Areas: Leadership Development, Managerial Effectiveness and Sales Growth

  • Needs Assessment
  • Competency Assessment
  • Content Development Life Cycle Approach
  • People Development Framework
  • Delivery methodology: Concept> Activity> Learning Trap>Actions Plan
  • Leadership Journey Model Using TraC
  • Guerilla Learning Support & Certification

Achieve well defined results which are measureable through standard assessments and clear cut ROI on each training intervention.

25,000 participants over 3000 training days in the 16 years of training experience Certified Trainer – Persona Global, 7 Habits, DOOR

LNJ Bhilwara,  Dupont, Max Life, Nissan International A.G., Honda Siel, CNH Industrial, Baxter, Dr. Reddys Labs


Quantum, U.K. offers your business the world’s most powerful strategies for maximising profits in minimum time to leap over competition and dominate your market. We guarantee your success by: Introducing powerful and effective methods that cause massive business and personal life improvement. Use scientific principles to double revenues and profits within 12 – 18 months. Outlining effective strategies to help you work on your business and grow it exponentially. Helping you catch the vision and commitment to follow a proven program of continuous improvement.

Quantum’s methodology increases the turnover, profit and capital value of your company by:
Creating windfall profits and steady streams of income through…
Proven low or no-cost methods that result in massive growth of bottom line profits which…
Gets your business working smoothly, effectively and on ‘automatic pilot’ thereby…
Giving you the money freedom and time freedom to do the things you want to do instead of the things you have to do… After all…
Isn’t that why you started the business in the first place?

Our 7 powerful business multipliers to skyrocket your profits
1: Prioritising To Boost Profit
2: Your Exit Strategy
3: Autopiloting Your Business
4: Attracting More Customers
5: Knowing Real Customer Value
6: Differentiating Your Business
7: How To Grow Your Business

Exceeding your expectations from business and building a self substainable business.

The Quantum System for getting the business on track:

  •  The Confidential Business Analysis – A revealing and powerful audit tool which forms the basis for constructing the blueprint for the future of the business.
  •  The Action Plan – Identification, creation and implementation of tailored Quantum programs and systems.
  •  The Review Process – Periodic benchmark meetings to review and monitor progress and results and to adjust and correct as required.

Jam Servo Limited, Abacus Express Couriers, PPS Chartered Accountants, EM5 Limited, Z Cars

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Rakesh Kumar Singh (ICF-ACC)

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Rakesh Kumar Singh

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