We all face many challenges at work like:

  • The incessant demands to increase our performance levels
  • The current VUCA world which is volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous
  • A fiercely competitive environment where we need to constantly safeguard our interests

This constant pressure on us creates limbic arousal in our brain, leading to reduced ability to handle life and often develops into a downward spiral.

Each individual is born with the inherent capability to solve their own challenges but coach is needed to facilitate this thinking process.

In coaching, we use cutting edge neuroscience research into how to manage your thinking for best performance, while maintaining your mental and emotional equilibrium


7 Ways an Executive Coach Can Make You More Successful

  1. See yourself & others more clearly.
  2. Learn new ways to respond.
  3. Leverage your existing strengths.
  4. Build more productive relationships.
  5. Achieve what you want.
  6. Learn new ways of thinking and operating, new skills that will allow you to better reach your goals and create the future you want.
  7. Facilitate your abilities to solve problems and handle dilemmas


I am an executive performance coach (ICF ACC) with functional experience of 30+ years in business development and management (been CEO, President & Director of various organizations).  I have mentored for past 15+ years and coached for the past 5+ years.


Our core expertise areas in coaching are:

  • Shining Leadership Skills & Executive Presence (Gravitas) (for CXOs)
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring (for Senior management)
  • Performance coaching (for High Potentials)
  • Sales coaching for Managers (for Individuals and Groups)


Our methodology is:

Neuroscience-based: A quantifiable neuro-scientific foundation that underpins all coaching initiatives and content.

Process-focused: Codified practices like 360 assessments, coaching toolkits etc. for all interventions.

Outcome-driven: Defined objectives, measurement culture and scalable solutions.


I would love to share more details based on your interest. Please reach out to me at your convenience.


Wishing you happiness!